Eddie Romero

by Sulu and Excelsior

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Luckystar8 If Marvin were Latino (and still alive), he'd have much to fear from Sr. Mallorca. Sulu and Excelsior have a silky smooth sound and a ground groove, reminiscent of Gaye's and Hathaway's later years. The rap breakdown adds a modern twist. Too bad I was only able to get the 45, but I eagerly await the next release. Favorite track: Misery Luv.
Noah Wilson
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Noah Wilson A refined, unique, and sophisticated mix of soul, jazz, pop, and hip hop. There are truly no other albums like this on Bandcamp. One-of-a-kind. Vinyl, please! Favorite track: Going Rouge.
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"A fantastic debut from Sulu & Excelsior, who have this really unique way of blending together old soul modes with a contemporary hip hop crackle! There's a sweet soul vocal style to many of the lyrics – in keeping with the vibe of the cover image – but the instrumentation is often built from programs and samples – all nice and warm, and very soulful, but quite different than if the record was served up by a live combo! Some moments almost recall the best production work by Adrian Younge – especially in the way that classic and current resonate at once – but these guys are also very much their own act lyrically, with songs that really stand out from the pack." - Dusty Groove

"A really fantastic little single – the kind of cut that should become a classic, if there was any justice at all in the world! "Up To You" has these romping drums throughout, balanced by a nicely dipping bassline – while sweet soul lyrics soar over the top of the song with a hook that's completely compelling!" - Dusty Groove

"The soulfulness of Sulu and Excelsior will be what envelops you initially but then it’s the groove that will have your head nodding along with the track, or have you shaking that ass....The end result would become Sulu and Excelsior’s album Eddie Romero...which will force listeners to hit that repeat button over and over again." - Ghettoblaster Magazine

"The genius hand of Steve Mallorca... he sings and plays every instrument - and channels "What's Going On?" era Marvin Gaye along with early 90's hip-hop for a truly unique album blending gorgeous melodies with some funky boom-bap and rough edge flow underneath...Check it out - highly recommended!" - Total Sonic Media

"The track “Up To You” has Sulu crooning over serious upbeat soul drums with haunting organ behind and a driving bass line that will no doubt get them dancing. Harmonies all around, Sulu has some influences near and dear to him, and when he drops the mic to spit a rhyme, you see the extent of his musical abilities. The horn stabs are killer too, Mr. Sulu plays the hell of that trumpet as well. This is definitely fresh, genre bending long player no doubt." - Flea Market Funk

Voted in Top 10 Albums of 2016 by Il Manifesto, The Witzard.


released October 14, 2016

Produced, Arranged, Composed and Performed by Steven E. Mallorca
All vocals and instruments performed by Steven E. Mallorca

Album Art by John Wong

Recorded and mixed at Slow Jam King Uptown Studios, New York, NY by Steven E. Mallorca
Mastered at Total Sonic Media, Austin TX by Steve Berson


all rights reserved



Sulu and Excelsior New York, New York

SULU AND EXCELSIOR is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist/rapper/singer Steven E. Mallorca, aka Sulu, who is also a rapper and trumpet player in the alternative hip-hop group, P.I.C.

Building on the genre-bending of his work with P.I.C, Mallorca plays all the instruments and vocal performances with influences that span 40s and 50s jazz, 60s and 70s soul, and 80s and 90s hip-hop.
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Track Name: Eddie Romero Intro
I met a girl who always played a part of the silver screen
She’d always feign she’s startled
And when she’d cut, she’d ask directions for her scene
“What does it mean?”

Shall I croon or shall I spit
Shall I make them all swoon
With all the rhymes that I commit
And if the lines I will forget
I can take it off the top
Even for a little bit
Shall I spit or shall I croon
My mind is saying later
But my heart is saying soon
Set my phrases on stun
The listener's in peril
The cinematic flair Eddie Romero
Track Name: Up To You
Gone my love? Is that a possibility?
I’m not amazed that you gave up so easily.
Lost our way? Not a kiss found the one.
It’s not a plan, but am I secondhand to none?

I considered that first. But it may be up to you to make it worse.
I considered that first. But it may be up to you to make it hurt.

Listen to them run. Let ‘em run, fly away.
It’s all made from what you meant to really say.
All I want, maybe stuff, maybe love.
It’s not a plan, but I’m the man you’re thinking of.

Four octaves pass and I never mind
I'm the bass you're the treble and you even might find
That I’m gonna stick around whether high or low.
And the bliss you dismiss cuz it’s kinda slow.
So now I think it’s up to you tell me how it works
I’m a masochist fixed when it comes the knix quirks.
So I stick around town until you moving on.
Tell me if you need directions.

By the haze of neon lights, faults of memories in your eyes
and baby when you realize, your mind will let it go.
Track Name: The News Today
I just made the news today
it seems that we've passed our way
Lives aren't made to be forgotten
Lies aren't what we are
We've all done better things than make mistakes
on our watch.

Verse 1
I tend to pretend that my pretense is a grievance when I turn around and look in disbelievement
Cuz the eulogy is premature So I'm sure
I don't believe in this bereavement
So don't bury me
Found a new clarity
Say it with sincerity
I'm back
Fact- Sulu take the conn
Got my own starship, the microphone is on.
Let me take you to the set yell "action"
but I'm never playing the factions
and fractions all about division
taking the Excelsior to 60s television
Precision's gonna make it
Set the navigation, got the go, can't fake it.
Instead of making marks they're making bios
ready-made obituary, time to hit dials.


Verse 2
Binary outlook on my life has got me hesitant no matter what is evident
Rocking older lyrics, shout to the past cause the past is setting precedent
We never want to forget so I turn to go get the obit
People gonna sweat so the try to omit
the stuff that don't fit now the narrative's legit
But the truth is gonna find you
hide and seek engine always will remind you
If I liked a lyric that I heard once
Gonna hear it again and you're knowing that the hunt's
never called off, so you've gotta keep searching
set the course try to be a sound merchant
for meaning, life can be demeaning
write my own story with a truth in the dreaming


I don't pay these fools no heed
Find the way in what in what I bleed
Shine a light on what I say
don't let 'em make me news

Track Name: Dam Foos
The farther we go, it’s harder to see
whether we made decisions honestly.
Your mother told same lies. Father did too.
Got out of hand and out of sight too.

Damn me. Damn you. Damn fools.

The night that we reap, we might have to sow
How can we make our loving honestly
Now that it’s our time. Now that it’s on
Making it worth a lot more than us.

Damn me. Damn you. Damn fools.

Could it be I’m to the last to the place
Ride to the door and ask to her face
Pass on the left the only way to stop,
drive to the point last in the race.
Had to have a taste. Chaste and I watch.
Head to the road in haste and we’re lost.
Can we ever seize what passed?
Fast in velocity, can’t grasp.
So we kiss. Can it hide the pain?
Sorta like a wince masked in the brain
try not to think that we can get caught
fought the whole time still we get taught
absolutely nothing in a way
hesitation has really funny way
take us on a crazy pipe dream
strange universe, amazing life seems
Get far. Keep going.
Getting close, who’s knowing
when we ever make a pitstop,
only way we’re ever gonna get stopped.
road never ends, fuel’s never not
you just pretend, who’d ever thought
too close to ever get so far
heading to the sunset’s so far

Blame it on me 'cause I have to go.
Maybe it’s easier to leave in peace.
But I can’t escape you. Nor can you me.
Chained up indeed now that I’ve seen.

Damn me. Damn you. Damn fools.
Damn fools, don't try.
Track Name: Eddie Romero Outro
Shall I croon or shall I spit
Shall I make them all swoon
With all the rhymes that I commit
And if the lines I will forget
I can take it off the top
Even for a little bit
Shall I spit or shall I croon
My mind is saying later
But my heart is saying soon
Set my phrases on stun
The listener's in peril
The cinematic flair Eddie Romero

Open up the scene on a tight shot of eyes
On a baby realize
that its sulu and he isn't making cries
A surprise- he's rocking both sides of the mic
And he's making all the decibels spike
temporal mechanics - rhyme about the feat of time travel
on a b-movie set I watch the plot unravel
and all that matters is that you got keep creating
teeny bop to Pam Grier Manila celebrating

output creative, always play the prequel
black and white mama rock the twilight to the people
even Q and Rob Rod sweat the style, that’s influence
teach to the student serving rhymes and never serving truants
I’m calling to the engineer to find another story
of a hard-fought battle of the people that’s before me.
Collar that’s blue rise the ranks to the bridge
and a story that can never be abridged.

Ever since the days of Augusta
Boulevard the west side chi had a luster
All because the Non blood familial cluster
Found Saint Ane's and they fought off the bluster
Of second City winter
brain drain waves as the only way to enter
a land where you're viewed as competition
Feeling like an alien upon the expedition
face the Extradition
Beaming up a family petitioned

malfunction is gonna happen with the warp drive
gift of the gab never stopping the apartheid
rolling up on these shores
hope your kids will see more
learn the new speak ditch the old and you’ll be more
a to the double s i “am I elated”
a flawed way of processing the data and it’s weighted
translator droid always needed for the matters
and the diplomatic chatters
seek an apparatus

to spit or to croon, might love you might fight
set coordinates excelsior’s upon a night flight
shade’s always thrown when standing in a bright light
New waver to the York and I’ma burn the mic right
hit the bank of the memory, the past to the future
put it on a chip, I sew it up with a suture
Excelsior launch, universe never sterile.
Rock the cinematic flair Eddie Romero